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I had a dream one night, a couple of years ago, about Harry Potter. In this dream, Harry was a trans girl, and Voldemort was an anarcho-communist revolutionary, not a Dark Lord. (That was Dumbledore, actually.) Also, it was cyberpunk AF, complete with cortical stacks and cybernetic implants and completely customizable bodies. Anyway, in this dream Harry defects from the Order and joins Voldemort, who helps her transition via cybernetic body reconstruction. She renames herself Elysia Evans, and proceeds to rain hell on Dumbledore's status quo.

When I woke up, I of course had to write all this down. And I kept writing. And when I was done, I had the beginnings of one hell of a fic. And now, over a year later, I have a pile of very thorough notes, 7+ chapters of Year One, and 4,000+ words worth of WIP prequel stories. This is (and has been) a very long-term project, as once I'm done writing everything out I plan on rewriting it entirely, because sometimes that's what it takes to make a story really shine. We'll see, though; that's a long way off yet.

Keep an eye on the Elysiad tag for more details.

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